Demolition of 'world's most ridiculous building' begins in Turkey

Demolition of 'world's most ridiculous building' begins in Turkey
Demolition of the 18-floor Special Provincial Administration building in Kahramanmaras, which has stayed at the top result as the 'world's most ridiculous building' in Google search, has begun.
Kahramanmaraş Special Provincial Administration Building, built on Trabzon Street in 1994, has become the symbol of the city with its architectural structure and colors. People in the city have referred to it as the 'Yellow building' and been using the building as a way of describing an address in the center because it can be seen from many points of the city. In time, the building has built its reputation as the ‘world’s most ridiculous building’. The building has ranked first when 'the most ridiculous building in the world' is searched in Google images. It was decided to demolish the building in 2019. The contracting company, which won the tender held in November, has started the demolition of the building. The demolition of the building is planned to be completed in 4 months.
Mayor of the Metropolitan Hayrettin Gungor examined the demolition of the building, which soon will be a thing of the past, on-site. Entering the building and visiting the floors, Mayor Gungor received information about the works from the company representative. Mayor Gungor also stated that the building, which is planned to be demolished in 4 months, is a part of the city square that they plan to complete in 2 years.


-Drone footage of the building